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Happy Cats
We have been blessed with wonderful homes for our kittens.  Thank you all for being so great and
treating our babies so well.  We miss them and worry about them when they leave...but thanks to all of
you we haven't had to worry for long.  We love the pictures and the updates, please keep them coming.  
These pictures and comments are posted with permission.
"Skye is an amazing animal, he
truly prefers children to adults
which warms our hearts. He loves
to sleep and cuddle and play with
our children and welcomes all
visitors. Here are a couple of
recent photos, as you can see he
is gorgeous!

Thanks for sharing him with us."
"Tyler, I know why you did not want
Rhythm to leave.  Boy is he something else.  
to help me with my makeup every morning.  
He is so nosey.  He loves to help.  He tries  
Blues likes to watch.  Blues is a little more
reserve.  Both kittens are great big purr
boxes.  I truly had forgotten how much fun
kittens are."
"The boys are great!  They are very well adjusted.  They meet us at the door every
day. Rhythm is now playing fetch with me.  Blues plays also, but is not as good at it as
rhythm.  They sleep with us every night.  They could not make us happier."
"Did I mention he is PERFECT! He is
completely spoiled rotten and loves his
mommy! Whatever you did while he was
under your care THANK YOU!!!!! I
think he is the epitome of what a
Siamese should be! "Spoiled and Loyal"
It is my sincere hope that God blesses
your journey as a Breeder. Thank you
so much! If you ever need me as a
reference for someone who might be
considering buying a baby from you,
please by all means give them my info."
Rhythm & Blues
Thomasina (and KatyBoo)
"Here are a few pics of Thomasina, she is so
happy. We are sooo in love with her! We got a
new fur baby a week after Thomasina came, an 8
week old Shih Tzu. We named her Katy Boo. She
and Thomasina play together soooo well. They run
and chase each other everywhere. They seem to
be aperfect pair for each other."
Thomasina is the sweetest cat we have ever
had, also the most playful and active. We love
her so much!  I just ordered her 3rd cat tree
yesterday. We are spoiling her.
Neo & Yoyo
Mr. Cee Horse
This is just too cute not so share -Cam
"Bruce is so precious.  He talks
to me when I get home.  He loves
to play, and he loves to cuddle.  
And I'm sure he will love the
Christmas tree when I put it up
this winter (Gizmo sure did love
the tree last year...).  Thanks so
much for sharing him with me.
Gizmo & Bruce
Mei-Ling & Kai-Lan
in my lap...purring.  My six year old daughter
Edie was jealous and so I transferred them to
her lap and to my surprise they didn't seem to
She played a computer game while holding the
kittens and she couldn't stop smiling.  My three
year old daughter Gretchen says each
day..."Mommy, thank you for getting these
kittens.  I love them."
The first one is with my older son,
hard to get both Kyoko and Orion
chair pics weren't staged, and
Kyoko knows better now not to
jump up when Orion is sitting in it!
She gets her space from his "hugs"
She gets her space from his "hugs"
with that baby gate. She is so with
that baby gate. She is so playful
and smart! She likes to bring little
toys to me to throw for her. She
enjoys dragging around some of
Orion's stuffed animals, too.